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Brookstone Kennels
Brookstone Kennels
Brookstone Kennels

Welcome to Brookstone Kennels Performance Gundogs

Brookstone Kennels is a small-scale, family owned breeding and training operation specializing in Labrador Retrievers of exclusive U.K. genetics. Josh owns and manages the business alongside his wife, Suann, and their two children, Logan and Abigail, where they all hold important roles in the everyday functions of an active gundog kennel.

Brookstone Kennels

Our Puppies Start Great

All Brookstone puppies are born in a dedicated whelping area in our home. By bringing the dam inside for this special and important time in the process we ensure that she has every need taken care of at a moment’s notice. It also allows us to tightly control the environment for mother and puppies so that she can tend to the pups in a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere and the pups are assured the absolute best possible conditions in temperature, cleanliness, and security for those first vital days and weeks of life.

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Our Training Methodology

We believe that a truly great gundog is one that understands and is happy to be a willing member of the handler-dog team; that enjoys its work because it is what the dog wants to do in addition to pleasing the handler. At Brookstone Kennels, we employ a natural training method and positive reinforcement to build on the dogs’ genetically innate abilities and talents rather than using force techniques to cause the desired outcome.

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Brookstone Kennels is pleased to offer Labrador Retrievers of exclusive U.K. bloodlines in the following framework according to client needs:

  • Puppies
  • Started gundogs
  • Intermediate gundogs
  • Principal (fully trained) gundogs
  • Companion dogs