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Brookstone Kennels Labrador Puppies

Brookstone Kennels Labrador Puppies

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Our Local Vets Make a Difference

Brookstone Kennels is fortunate to have retained the services of 2 exceptional veterinarians, both being University of Missouri (Mizzou) College of Veterinary Medicine graduates, for all of our dog health care needs. One of our highest priorities is the health and well-being of our dams, as such we have partnered with our veterinarians to develop a comprehensive health plan that includes targeted health checks throughout the year but more importantly a multi-check, pre-whelp plan for in-pup dams leading up to the whelp date. Once the litter is whelped our veterinarians then provide post-whelp checks at multiple stages for the dam and the puppies. We feel this added professional veterinary care is an essential part of the value-chain for our clients, and assures that our dams and puppies are in optimal physical and mental condition.

The Puppies' First Weeks

Our puppies stay in our home for the first 4-5 weeks, where they are handled daily by the family which in turns accustoms the pups from day 1 to human interaction and bonding. We also believe that by spending these first several weeks inside the home the pups develop comfort and confidence in being inside, which makes the transition to the clients’ home much smoother. At around 5 weeks old the litter is then transferred to our weaning building, which is a dedicated space just for our litters. Our building is temperature controlled and setup specifically for the well-being of growing litters including a secure outside exercise area where the pups are allowed to explore and learn all the wonderful interests of the outdoors.

Taking Your Brookstone Labrador Home

Generally, our pups are ready for their new homes at 7-8 weeks of age. Once the litter is whelped we contact each new owner individually and communicate the pick-up date so everyone has plenty of time to arrange travel and accommodations for the big day. Brookstone Kennels is pleased to be partnered with several hotels in our area and we are more than happy to assist any client with their travel plans.

Puppies are AKC Registered and Microchipped

All Brookstone Kennels puppies are registered with the AKC and microchipped before they leave for their new homes.