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Learn About Josh & Brookstone Kennels

Learn About Josh & Brookstone Kennels

College Years

In his college years Josh was introduced to waterfowl hunting by invitation of some friends, and it was that first duck hunt that he witnessed a fully-trained Labrador Retriever at work picking birds in an Illinois River slough. The attraction to the breed was instant, and it was in that instant the plan to one day acquire a Labrador Retriever of his own was conceived. After a few years of extensive research, observations, and saving he bought his first Labrador, a black female bred from champion British bloodlines, and the imminent adoration for these outstanding animals was solidified.

15 Years

Over the last 15 years Josh has culminated an education and training style that reflects the dynamic methodologies employed by leading breeders and trainers in the U.K., which produce working dogs that are highly sought-after for their stylish working abilities in addition to being extremely calm and obedient to the handler. One of Brookstone Kennels core principles is that to provide the best service or product possible any person or business must incorporate a continuous learning and improvement strategy. To support our strategy Josh schedules a minimum of 2 trips per year to the U.K. to study and observe working dogs in addition to intuitive discussions with trainers and owners to learn methods and techniques that could be incorporated into the Brookstone methodology.


Moreover, Josh has been immensely fortunate to have the ongoing opportunity to study under and work alongside one of England’s leading authorities on canine behavior, Mr. Vic Barlow. Not only is Vic an expert in canine behavior, but is a true aficionado of Labrador Retrievers and has trained hundreds of remarkable working Labradors over his esteemed and ongoing career. Vic has been and remains instrumental to Brookstone with his mentoring, coaching, knowledge, and advice.

Josh is also a fully commissioned Research & Development Engineer in the consumer packaging industry. His experience and expertise in this field is translated fittingly into the client-valued attributes that are hallmark to the Brookstone Kennels product and service commitment. Developing remarkable packaging solutions at steep quality standards coupled with outstanding service are critical to the consumers that rely on the packaged products they need for daily life. Brookstone Kennels applies these exact principles to its line of dog offerings. Developing remarkable Labrador Retrievers against steep quality standards while providing outstanding customer service are keystone commitments to our clients.