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Brookstone Kennels Studs & Dams

Brookstone Kennels Studs & Dams

Our Studs

FTW Fendawood Diesel (Diesel):

FTW Fendawood Diesel (Diesel):

Brookstone Kennels is extremely honored and grateful to David and Stefanie Latham, owners of Fendawood Labradors and Ragweed’s Labradors, for their kind generosity in opening up an opportunity for us to acquire Diesel from their very esteemed stock of Labradors. David is a 4-time IGL Retriever Championship winner including an outstanding championship win in 2016 with Beiley’s Aguzannis of Fendawood. His expertise in bringing up, training, and handling trial quality Labradors is truly brilliant and we can’t thank David enough for the time spent with Josh explaining and showing some of his knowledge. Stefanie is an equally accomplished trainer/handler herself making up multiple Field Trial Champions and International Field Trial Champions (one of Stefanie’s International Field Trial Champions just so happens to be Diesel’s full littermate Fendawood Drummer!). In addition, Stefanie is a true expert in Labrador breeding and genetics and her breadth of knowledge in these subjects is unparalleled. We extend to Stefanie as well our sincere appreciation for sharing some of her knowledge about the world class breeding program they have developed at Fendawood.

Diesel is as stylish and accomplished a Retriever as one could hope for. Winning the Three Ridings Labrador Club Novice Stake in 2016, he was made up to Field Trial Winner against a very competitive field of Retrievers. Diesel has tremendous athletic abilities, taking high fences and other barriers with ease and grace. He has the nose and game finding ability that can be expected of a top end winning dog in addition to being very fast with his outruns and returns. Diesel handles exceptionally well and has super sharp whistle stops and directional control. Diesel excels in water and we have little doubt that he will prove to be one of the best dogs to see in the duck marshes for years to come.

Brookstone Kennels is quite proud to have Fendawood Diesel join our team, and we look forward to being great stewards of the Fendawood name as we bring this fantastic lineage into the Brookstone genetics. If you are looking for a truly rare offering in the US, then a Brookstone puppy from our Diesel sired litters or a Diesel stud booking is the answer.

We expect Diesel’s puppy’s to be very athletic and fantastic game finders, with excellent drive and style coupled with the ability to be easily handled.

To learn more about David & Stefanie Latham and Fendawood visit their website at Fendawood Championship Winning Stud Dogs

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FTW Witchmyre Wizard of Cardy (Wiz):

FTW Witchmyre Wizard of Cardy (Wiz):

Wiz is a fantastic and highly accomplished dog that began his career in Scotland. Having spent his early years under the tutelage and guidance of Mike Rolland of Cardy Gundogs, Wiz proved himself to be a tremendous competitor in trialing. Among his many notable achievements was a 1st place win at the Moray Firth Spaniel & Retriever Club Open Retriever Test and being made up to Field Trial Winner by taking 1st place at the Highland Gundog Club Novice Stake. Wiz’s style and abilities caught attention in his native country, and led to Mike and Wiz being selected to represent Scotland as part of the Scotland gundog team competing against other countries at the CLA and Skinners.

Wiz is an extremely bold worker, taking on any cover necessary to find the retrieve. He handles beautifully and really enjoys working together with the handler to put together retrieves that are stylish, quick, and effective.

Wiz has a wonderful blocky, well-built conformation and is a true representation of the Labrador Retriever breed.

It’s noteworthy to mention that one of Wiz’s many attributes is his infectious personality and temperament. Wiz knows no strangers and seems to always be the crowd favorite due to his likeability with young and old alike. Athletic, stylish, and one of the best game finders we have seen, Wiz is a wonderful addition to the Brookstone Kennels family and a great example of our high standards.

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Open FTW Mitforton Oscar of Leadburn (Oscar):

Open FTW Mitforton Oscar of Leadburn (Oscar):

Oscar is owned, trained, and handled by Billy Steel at Leadburn Gundogs. He’s a very accomplished gundog and earned his Open Field Trial Winner status by winning the Moray Firth Spaniel and Retriever Club 12 Dog Open Qualifying AV Retriever Trial at Altyre Estate, Forres. Oscar not only took 1st place but was also awarded Best Yellow dog. Oscar has been selected as a stud dog for his great temperament, trainability, and game finding ability.

Leadburn Gundogs run by Billy & Catherine Steel is based at Leadhills in the beautiful heather clad hills of South West Scotland where Billy worked for 30 years as a grouse moor gamekeeper while also pursuing his hobby of training and competing with his Labradors.

All of Billy’s dogs must be able to do a full days work on the moor as well as compete in gundog competitions.
Billy has made up 11 Field Trial Champion Labradors and has qualified for the Retriever Championship 24 times.

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Our Dams

FTW Greenbriar Rupee (Drew):

FTW Greenbriar Rupee (Drew):

Drew is a fantastic Field Trial Champion to Field Trial Champion bred bitch that has all the performance, abilities, talents, and temperament that we require to be a member of our team. She is the total package and all of this is backed up by a pedigree full of Field Trial Champions including many Drakeshead FT CH's and Glenbriar FT CH's.

Drew was imported and joined the team at Brookstone Kennels in April 2017. Hailing from the Lancashire, England area Drew proved herself in the trialing world many times over with several 1st place wins and many other top 3 finishes to her credit. She is fast, stylish, athletic, and an excellent game finder. All attributes that we look to include and maintain in our genetics at Brookstone.

She has an incredible disposition to go along with all her talents in the field, and is just as happy to relax in the shade or in the house with the family as she is to go out and work. We certainly enjoy her company and are thrilled to have her onboard.

We expect Drew's pups to be athletic with tremendous noses, have great temperaments, and reflect excellent conformation.

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Fendawood Bloodymary (Mary):

Fendawood Bloodymary (Mary):

Mary is a charming Fox Red bitch that caught our attention during a training visit in Europe with Stefanie Latham in May 2018. Her wonderful disposition is the first thing that jumps out, she truly knows no strangers and makes for some of the best company you can ask for in a working gundog. However, her talent only just begins there as to see her work cover tirelessly in search for a retrieve is remarkable. Mary comes with an undeniable desire to find game, a terrific nose, and absolutely loves to please and be a part of the team.

Mary’s pedigree is truly unique including IGL Championship winners on both the top and bottom sides in addition to multiple International Field Trial Champions and Field Trial Winners. The genetics that come with Mary push the standard forward that we have set at Brookstone Kennels, and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to include it in our offerings.

Mary was imported and joined our team at Brookstone Kennels in October 2018. She is an excellent game finder, methodically works cover, is fast, stylish, and athletic. For all her abilities we can’t avoid a quick mention on her color, she has a beautiful deep Fox Red tone to compliment her conformation that more than meets the standard.

We expect Mary’s pups to be athletic with tremendous noses, have great temperaments, and reflect excellent breed conformation.

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Our Retired Dams

Larkshead Petal (Pippa):

Larkshead Petal (Pippa):

Pippa is a very special bitch out of Nevillebriar Casper (Murphy). Murphy is Vic Barlow’s #1 dog, and Josh has had the unique pleasure to work with Murphy on several estate shoots in England over the years. The greatest retrieve Josh has ever handled was with Murphy, picking up on an estate shoot a pheasant was lightly shot and sailed some 300 yards over a fast moving river and deep into a gorge out of sight. Josh and Murphy were the closest and were asked to try to pick the bird. Murphy tackled the river, and went to the top of the gorge where he was stopped and handled left down the hill for a retrieve totally out of sight. After just a few minutes Murphy emerged from the woods wounded pheasant in mouth. Josh and Murphy won the guns admiration and congratulations that day.

Impressed with Murphy’s all-around performance and temperament, Josh set out to one day acquire one of his progeny. After 3 years of waiting, the opportunity was finally opened up and Pippa was secured as an 8-week old puppy.

Pippa displays many of Murphy’s stylish talents, and certainly has all the conformational and health qualities to go along as well. Pippa has developed into an incredible upland dog, proving to be an expert in working pheasant, chukar, and quail in their natural habitat. Pippa even has a natural point on upland birds, a skill she developed totally on her own and Josh has since included it in her regular training.

When it comes to water, Pippa takes to it with confidence and style. Excellent in the water, she handily completes any retrieve presented to her and loves this kind of work as much as her upland work.

Proved to be as good an all-around performing dog as her father, Pippa is a genuine example of the type dog we strive to maintain at Brookstone Kennels.

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