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Our Keystone Principles

Our Keystone Principles

Brookstone Kennels functions by virtue of a core set of business principles, that we call our Keystone Principles:

1. To always foster and support the promotion and advancement of Labrador Retrievers.

  • We accomplish this principle by selecting the choicest genetics available to us and developing performance Labrador Retrievers that are notable both in the field and at home.

2. To acknowledge and abide to a set of steep quality standards.

  • Brookstone Performance Labrador’s must meet or exceed the quality standard set for any offering interval for health, intellect, and abilities. If the quality standard is not met, the dog will remain at Brookstone Kennels until the standard is achieved at no cost to the client.

3. To maintain a continuous learning and improvement strategy.

  • We believe that dogs and humans alike will accomplish a richer, fuller life if we adopt the idea of “always be learning, always be improving”. We continuously endeavor to find key opportunities both domestically and internationally to learn, and implement improvements from those learnings at all levels to enhance our dogs and the client experience.

4. To provide exemplary customer service.

  • We strive to provide our clients and potential clients outstanding service at every stage. From inquiry to acquisition to owning a Brookstone Labrador, we will support the client at every step with respect, integrity, and the utmost of business ethics.