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Our Missouri Property

Brookstone Kennels is situated on nearly 40 acres of beautiful Southeast Missouri rolling hills. Our property is customized and maintained specifically for the schooling of our gundogs.

Features of the grounds include:

Features of the grounds include:

  • Open pond for introduction to water, driving across water, and handling on water
  • Tree lined pond for intermediate to advanced work in realistic cover
  • 3 limestone bed creeks
  • Row crop area (rotated corn/beans/wheat)
  • Cover crop area (rotated milo/millet/dwarf corn)
  • Various planted grass plots (Timothy, Orchard Grass, Blue Stem)
  • Natural cover plots (switch grass, blackberry thickets, clover, foxtail)
  • Various wooded areas
  • Wood and wire fencing at various heights and complexity
  • Mowed lanes for lining work
  • Dedicated puppy/young dog obedience training area
  • Ditches & gullies
Missouri's Maintz Wildlife Area

Missouri's Maintz Wildlife Area

We are also fortunate to have within 10 minutes’ drive of the kennels one of Missouri’s best conservation areas at our disposal. Maintz Wildlife Preserve is an 804-acre area of rolling hills located in northwestern Cape Girardeau County. On the area, the Department of Conservation emphasizes upland game management especially for bobwhite quail by managing for early successional habitat. Prescribed burning, disking, timber stand improvement, edge feathering, and farming are used to create and maintain early successional habitat. Warm-season grass and prairie wildflowers have been planted in some of the area's fields to provide nesting cover and brood rearing habitat for wildlife.

Area crop fields are planted by local farmers and a portion of the crop is left standing in the fields over winter for wildlife food. The area also features 5 small ponds and a large pond, totaling 12-acres of varying water bodies superbly suited for all levels of water work for our gundogs. The Department also recently added a larger seasonal wetland area that has been an excellent feature for working in flat shallows. The area is a perfect situation for additional transition training and advanced work, complementing the primary training grounds at the kennels and offering our gundogs and clients an exceptional experience on both properties.